Liveries Mega Pack

Version 12

The Liveries Mega Pack is our iconic all in one download with liveries created within our extensive community. Featuring over 770+ liveries by over 100+ creators, the Liveries Mega Pack is one of the largest add on experiences for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Version 12 was one of the largest updates that we have had to the Liveries Mega Pack adding 16GB of content on top of the content from Version 11! 

Liveries Mega Pack

Sub Packs

Ultra HD Sub Pack Version 2

The Ultra HD Sub Pack is a hand picked collection of the finest liveries featured in the Liveries Mega Pack. The Sub Pack only includes liveries with an 8k+ quality standard and above making sure when you are flying, it will be the best option for the high quality screenshots you will want to share with everyone.

A320neo Realistic Sub Pack Version 2

The A320neo Realistic Sub Pack is a collection of all real world A320neo liveries that we currently host in the Liveries Mega Pack. Including over 80+ liveries, the A320neo Realistic Sub Pack is the best option if you want to fly what real airline pilots fly every day.

Best Of Liveries Mega Pack Sub Pack Version 1

The Best Of Liveries Mega Pack has been created from the most loved liveries in our community. From a poll of over 500 of our most active community members, these liveries were the ones voted on the most.


Download our fast and simple manager to select only the liveries and other addons you want download to make it easy on storage device and also easy to find the menu to make your flying experience as seamless as possible!

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