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With an extensive community filled with creators, we aim to distribute community created addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to you with ease!


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With an extensive community filled with creators, Project Mega Pack Liveries offers a simple and easy way for you to download most communities made liveries. We have a new Mega Pack version that features all the liveries you could want. If you want curated packs, we offer sub-packs for download. And if you do not want to download any packs but want a simple and easy way to download liveries locally on your computer we also have a livery manager available for download! Click Learn More to find out more about our Project Mega Pack Livery offerings!


Through the help of our amazing development team and partners, Project Mega Pack Aircraft is a collection of high quality freeware aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We are creating FSX conversions with new flight models, sounds, lighting, and more as well as ground-up aircraft with all models and systems created from scratch. The current aircraft we have available for download is the beta of our A321. Projects that are very close to being finished are our A330-300, and 737-800.