Airbus A321-200

Version 0.2.4 Beta

The Airbus A321-200 is a stretched version of the massively popular A320 series of aircraft. This aircraft was also one of the default aircraft included with Flight Simulator X. We have brought back this classic aircraft, and the roar of its IAE v2500 Engines into MSFS 2020. Converted from FSX, but upgraded with an all new Flight Model, 4k Textures, accurate sounds, and more! The aircraft utilized the default A320neo cockpit due to its similarity to the real A321 cockpit.


Airbus A330-300

It may not be “Queen of The Skies”, but we would like to crown this aircraft “King of The Skies”. Its profile is unmistakable, its presence is majestic. The A330-300 is truly a dream aircraft, and we are building a fully-custom exterior model, flight model, systems, animations, sounds, and more to bring this epic aircraft to life. This aircraft is releasing soon, so be sure to stay tuned – this aircraft is going to be awesome. 

Boeing 747-400

Often called “Queen of The Skies”, the Boeing 747 is a plane that no one ever forgets. MSFS 2020 has brought the 747-8I to the skies, but some of us love to remember the classic 747-400. We have brought this aircraft from FSX into MSFS 2020, utilizing the 747-8I’s similar yet upgraded cockpit. Massive improvements to this aircraft are coming very soon, so stay tuned while we prepare to re-release this aircraft.

Boeing 737-800

One of the most popular aircraft of all time, the 737-800 is known by simmers, gamers, and even the general public alike. This project will be our first bottom to top build, from a custom exterior model, to a custom cockpit, and we aim to make it as high quality as we can. You can expect a default quality 737 sometime in 2021, with upgrades coming soon after. If you are looking for amazing quality for an open source (free) price, this is the project for you.