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Livery Templates

Base Game Aircraft Livery Templates
Version 8

Project Mega Pack A321-200 Livery Templates
Version 2

If using PaintKit, be sure to mirror vertically before exporting to the template.

This allows you to put text on without mirroring it first 

Livery Submission

In order to submit your livery, please be sure to use one of our templates found above. Your livery must follow that format, and have a properly edited aircraft.cfg file.

Please check the following elements before submission:

1. Your Livery is new and has not already been put into the pack (Liveries Master List on the Submission Queue Sheet is a good place to look – see below)

2. Your livery has a proper thumbnail

3. Your Livery has the proper icao_airline entry in the config as well as the proper atc_airline entry

4. Your Livery must have a name that follows the naming conventions from the Liveries Master List (i.e. “Airbus A320 Neo {LiveryName}”)

5. Be sure your Airplane folder, the one inside Airplanes, follows our naming convention (i.e. “Asobo_A320_NEO-{LiveryName}”)

6. Your Livery works and has been thoroughly tested, please only submit finished liveries.

7. Your livery must be a real life livery from some aircraft at some point in history. This means any livery that ever existed on any aircraft can be put on any other aircraft in the pack.

Once you have verified the above, upload your standalone livery to google drive, mega, or similar. 

If you are submitting your livery via do not submit via the form below.